Multilateral Memorandum of Understanding

The Grassroots Participatory Community Collective Africa, also known as Grassroots-Parti, is a collective of grassroots participatory communities (GPCs) with the intention of providing each other mutual support towards addressing individual and collective goals. The collective has focus on efforts to address problems in Africa.

There some required criteria and agreements for membership as well as some optional / opt-in membership agreements.

Required Membership Criteria and Agreements

  1. Any GCP globally that is trying to solve problems in Africa is welcome to apply for membership. Acceptance of a membership application is decided democratically where each existing GCP member of the collective has equal voting power.
  2. Each member GPC agrees to explore practices of mutual support toward maintaining and increasing the general health of the collective’s GPC ecosystem.
  3. Each member GPC agrees to participate in the collective while adhering the principals and values of the collective. The principals and values are
    1. Community first
    2. Inclusivity, collaboration, transparency
    3. Trust, respect, kindness, kinship, celebration
    4. Robustness, sustainability, flexibility
    5. Scalability, mutual support, ownership
  4. Each member must agree to help incubate at least one grassroots participatory community.
    1. We define GPC incubation as an ongoing process where an existing and established GCP helps an new GCP get started and established. The incubation time period is generally considered complete when the new community is self-sustaining / established. GPC activities included in incubation are:
      1. Mentorship for founding individuals of the new GPC from the existing GPC.
      2. Collaborating on projects at the intersection of both GPCs scope of interests.
      3. Participation of individuals from each GPC in the other’s activities toward knowledge sharing of social practices and GPC processes.

Optional / Opt-in Agreements

  1. Any member GPC may agree to participate fully or partially in helping build and maintain the collective’s shared funders network. This includes generally providing information with the collective of the member GPC’s past, current and planned fundraising efforts. Some specific fundraising information and activities include
    1. An up-to-date amount of total funds raised over the life time of the member GPC. This number is to be aggregated with all member GPCs and displayed on the collective website’s landing page.
    2. Sharing the contact details of funders, what those funders have historically funded and how much was funded in each case.
    3. Helping provide introductions to appropriate funders.
    4. Participating in strategic negotiations with other member GPCs to most effectively make use of funding opportunities toward the good health of the collective’s GPC ecosystem.